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Self Esteem

Many clients inquire about therapy after years of suffering from lack of confidence. Some people are lucky to have inherited self-esteem from their parents; however, many people struggle with self-image. Most things in their lives appear normal. They are able to function in many areas of life, but their lack of self-admiration causes them to lose job opportunities, miss social engagements, or feel “less than”. This may be due to a history of abuse, depression, lack of nurturing, or other mental health issue.

Some individuals not only lack self confidence, but are additionally burdened by the presence of shame/guilt. Shame and guilt are extremely destructive agents that can have detrimental effects on interpersonal relationships. This can lead to isolation, loneliness and despair.

Positive self image is something that is attainable. It requires work and maintenance. It is not something magical that appears one day after you have made it to the top of the corporate ladder or after you are married with children. I assist clients in not only raising their self-image, but also learning new skills for coping that enhance their self-respect. By identifying strengths that have not been uncovered and learning new skills a new level of self-esteem will develop. Furthermore, when one is able to hold him or herself in esteem, one is able to participate in reciprocal relationships of respect, love, and intimacy.

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