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Men’s Issues

I enjoy working with men on a variety of issues. Much of my enjoyment derives from working with males that I have much in common with. All males in our culture and in present day have witnessed the changing male/female roles as a result of the women’s movement. And many have struggled as a result. We haven’t, along with the women in our lives, achieved the effective communication necessary (both verbal and non-verbal) to feel the emotional closeness we long for.

We may not even be aware of or value that we too need emotional closeness. Our society has robbed men of the ability to identify our full range of feelings and needs, let alone celebrate our way that we feel close. We are clear that women need to talk, be heard and share in order to feel close, but men have needs that are just as important. Contrary to popular belief, thanks to the media, we need more than food, alcohol and sex to be fulfilled.

Many of us have put years of hard work into successful careers and businesses giving us earning power that we always dreamed about, but still feel something is missing. And something is missing. We are missing emotional closeness, peer relationships, hobbies…we are missing our full potential.

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